Welcome to the Maine Criminal History Record and Juvenile Crime Information Request Service

This online site provides you with electronic access to request criminal history record and juvenile crime information maintained by the Maine State Police, State Bureau of Identification. This records search will provide you with all the conviction and adjudication information for adult and juvenile crimes committed within the State of Maine that the Bureau of Identification currently has on record, as well as pending cases less than one year old.

  • This is a NON-REFUNDABLE service.
  • Please be sure all information is entered accurately with correct spelling and date of birth information. Once the record is submitted it cannot be altered or cancelled.
  • Criminal History Records are ONLY accessible for 30 days. After 30 days it is no longer considered a valid record and a new request would need to be submitted.


  • Maine InforME Subscribers: $21.00*
  • Out-of-State InforME Subscribers: $31.00*
  • Non-Subscribers: $31.00*
  • NEW: Notarized reports can now be ordered online! If you wish to have your request notarized, there will be an additional nonrefundable fee of $10.00.

What you will need:

  • Subject's full name
  • Subject's date of birth
  • Credit card or subscription with InforME


When a criminal history record and juvenile crime information record check is processed by the State Bureau of Identification using personal identifiers such as name and date of birth, it is possible that the record supplied belongs to another person with the same or essentially similar name and birth date. Assurance that the person named in the record and the person sought are one and the same requires verification through fingerprint comparison.

To learn more about what information will be provided, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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