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Maine Revenue Services
Sales & Use and Withholding Tax

Welcome to the Sales & Use, Withholding and Service Provider Tax Registration Service

This online service allows businesses to register with Maine Revenue Services for new Sales & Use Tax, Use Tax, Service Provider Tax, and/or Income Tax Withholding accounts. There is no fee to use this online service and you may register at any time, 24 hours a day.

Who can use this service?

Any business that needs to register for new Sales & Use Tax, Use Tax, Service Provider Tax, and/or Income Tax Withholding accounts with Maine Revenue Services can use this service.

Who should NOT use this service?

To complete a paper application or to register for taxes other than Sales, Business Use Tax, Service Provider Tax, and Withholding, please download our pdf application.

You cannot use this service to register for pass-through entity withholding or to register with the Maine Dept. of Labor for unemployment contributions. If you want to register for unemployment contributions or you want the Dept. of Labor to determine whether you are subject to unemployment contributions, you should register with the Maine Dept. of Labor's online registration system.

What you will need:

This application will ask you specific questions about your business, including operations and ownership information. It is best to have this information available prior to beginning to complete this form.

What happens after registration?

Certificates will be mailed for Sales and Service Provider tax registrations and a confirmation letter will be mailed for Income Tax Withholding and Use Tax registrations within 20 business days. Instructions on how to file will be included.


Under Maine law, the owner(s) and person(s) who control the finances of a business may be liable for certain unpaid taxes including Sales Tax, Income Tax Withholding and other taxes not included in this online application. The purchaser of a business, or the stock of goods of a business, is required to withhold from the purchase price the amount of these unpaid taxes, interest and penalties owed by the previous owner. A purchaser who fails to withhold these debts can be held liable for the payment of these taxes, interest and penalties. (36 MRSA § 177(1))

If you are not sure that the previous owner has paid all trust fund taxes incurred by the business, you should ask the previous owner to request, in writing, a tax clearance letter from the Compliance Division of Maine Revenue Services.

Do you know which registration types you need? See FAQ's for guidance.

If this application is not completed within 45 minutes from the time you started, any information you have entered will be deleted. This feature is to protect the security of your information.


Questions about this Service? Call: (207) 624-5644. You can also e-mail