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Awarded/Expended Funds (m)


Award Information

  • Award Amount: $11,424,000.00
  • Award Date: 2009-08-19
  • Award Description:

    The primary purpose of this initiative is to create and oversee the conversion of at least 15 public buildings to wood or dual fuel heating, and promote sustainable management of forest land. In addition to creating and maintaining jobs, this initiative will help reduce dependency on foreign oil.

  • Award Category: Energy & Environment
  • Award Type: Grant
  • Grant period: 2009-06-29 - 2012-06-30
  • Funding Agency Code: 12C2
  • Awarding Agency Code: 12C2
  • Award ID: 09-DG-11420004-606
  • Agency Approval Date: 2009-08-19
  • Governor's Approval Date: 2009-09-09
  • Financial Order: SS 5345 F10
  • Account Code: 02004A023253

Recipient Information

  • Project Status: Less than 50% completed
  • Quarterly Activity Description:
  • Number of Jobs (Current Period): 8.4 Explanation of calculation
  • Number of Jobs (First Period): Explanation of calculation
  • Jobs Description: 8.4 jobs created in Full Time Equivalents. .56 FTE created by sub recipient MSAD 58 Phillips. 3.8 FTE created by sub recipient MSAD 29 Houlton. .7 FTE created by sub recipient MSAD 17 Oxford. Including Mechanical Engineering, Building Trades, Plumbing and electrical trades. 3.34 FTE created by Maine Forest Service. Forest Utilization Forester Administrative Manager Senior Planner Director of Support Services Director of Forest Protection
  • Total Federal Infrastructure Expenditure: $0.00
  • Total Federal ARRA Received: $2,457,070.00
  • Total Federal ARRA Expenditures: $2,366,874.28
  • Infrastructure Rationale:

Infrastructure Contact

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 2076249494

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Subawards and Projects Funded by this Award

Project or Recipient Name Award ID Award Amount
Program Administration 09-DG-11420004-606 $2,457,070.00
Maine School Administrative District 58 09-DG-11420004-606 $325,933.00
Regional School Unit 16 09-DG-11420004-606 $600,921.00
Maine School Administrative District 29 09-DG-11420004-606 $910,000.00
Maine School Administrative District 17 09-DG-11420004-606 $898,341.00
Regional School Unit 39 09-DG-11420004-606 $750,000.00
Madawaska School Department 09-DG-11420004-606 $750,000.00
Northern Maine Medical Center 09-DG-11420004-606 $750,000.00
University of Maine System 09-DG-11420004-606 $16,575.00
University of Maine at Presque Isle 09-DG-11420004-606 $750,000.00
Waterville Public Schools 09-DG-11420004-606 $750,000.00
Greenville School Department 09-DG-11420004-606 $750,000.00

Primary Place of Performance

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